About Us

Our Mission

Falkon Academy’s mission is to increase the number of young participants in robotics and coding programs. We believe learning robotics is an extremely beneficial skill for children today as technology begins to become a vital part of our world. Our goal is to encourage critical thinking, decision-making, and problem-solving in students through STEM. Robotics is only the beginning. Students will leave our courses with a new outlook on the world, and endless new possibilities opened up to them.

  • We have partnered with Folsom Middle School, River View Stem, Marina Village Middle School, Rolling Hills Middle School, Pleasant Grove Middle School and other Elementary schools.
  • We are a student-orientated organization based in Folsom, California that provides STEM and educational programs for all our students.
  • We participate in VEX robotics, a type of robotics that competes in teams of 4-6 people.
  • This program costs around $1000 per student. This covers all the expenses for teaching, equipment and registrations for competitions. (Price varies based on location and type of the program, and past participation)
  • Teams should plan on attending 2hrs of class once every week after the school. And plan to attend longer session on some Saturdays.
  • Teams should plan to attend 3 regional competitions in a season, between August and March. Based on qualification, there may be a possibility to complete in State and International competitions.
  • The seasons begins in August 2023 and run till April 2024. If the kids are available in summer, they can participate from June 2023.