InstructorVee Griffin
TypeOnsite Course
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Falkon Build and Fly Planes – This program brings the excitement of building and flying planes to a classroom setting. This class is meant for dreamers and engineers that are thrilled by the launch of their maiden flight. The kids are introduced to the concept of modern flight. They are taught the engineering process design, build, test and repeat. They get to build real RC planes in the class and experiment with their designs. The teaching sessions will be held in the classroom setting, but on the last day of the class, kids get to try out their flying skills on a airfield. Parents are expected to drop the kids at the airfield around 10 miles away on the last day.

Equipment: All materials needed for the class will be provided. Recommended but not required to bring personal laptop so they can practice at home.

Gift: Kids get to take home some of the planes they built in the classroom. Electronics will not be given away. But the information to buy it would be provided.

Level: Beginner to Intermediate.

Ages: 10yr-15yr old

Register with Rocklin Parks and Rec at Link

Register with Folsom Parks and Rec at: Link