InstructorVee Griffin
TypeOnsite Course
DateJul 9, 2023
PlaceRocklin & Folsom

Falkon VEX EXP Robotics – Vex EXP brings real robot technology to the classroom setting. EXP robotics provides a stepping stone into the world of metal robotics. With the latest technology, sensors, and metal construction it uniquely teaches STEM concepts. It provides real learning with project-based lessons that make students active participants in their learning. Students will also explore conditional statements and how sensors can serve as the input in deciding if the conditional is true. They will also explore how a conditional statement can be looped, repeating a decision or executing a behavior. This class provides the foundation for the next level and joining a VEX V5 competition team.

Level: Beginner to Intermediate.

Equipment: All the equipment required for the class will be provided. Although its suggested to bring a laptop or a chrome book to practice coding.

Ages: 12yr-15yr old

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Section 1Introduction
Section 2Build Lift Systems
Section 3Build Clawbot
Section 4Coding
Section 5Game Day