The Last Stretch

27 Jan 2024

The Last Stretch

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In light of the upcoming stages of the program, we have decided to make a slight adjustment for the recreation teams. The primary aim of the rec program is to equip participants with a comprehensive understanding of various aspects of competitive robotics, preparing them for potential inclusion in real competition teams next year.

To enhance their skill set, we are shifting the focus for the next phase of the program towards coding. While students are still encouraged to explore changes and rebuild their robots, the emphasis for the coming month will be on honing their coding abilities. This adjustment aligns with our goal of providing a well-rounded robotics experience.

As a result, the competition scheduled for Feb 23rd will be transformed into an in-class competition, focusing on showcasing the autonomous skills developed through coding, rather than emphasizing driving and building skills.

We believe this adjustment will contribute significantly to the overall learning experience, providing students with valuable insights into the coding aspect of robotics. Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to witnessing the impressive results of this coding-focused phase.

Hiring Coaches – Help Needed: We are hiring coaches to support our future activities. The position is a paid position. And parents who coach can have one child participate for free. The coaches should be willing to coach the teams from 4:00 pm to 6:30 pm one or two days a week. A Robotics background is not required. But a Math and Science-related background is recommended and a passion for teaching is essential. Students from Folsom Lake College and other colleges are welcome to apply.

Assistant coaches can be a High School Student.

Scouting Location – Help Needed: For next year we are looking for another location to run the competitive program. This year we were lucky to have Marina Village Middle School. Next year we may have to move to a different location. If you know of a location/office or a school that would let us use a facility please keep us posted.

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