Week 32 Update

26 Mar 2023

Week 32 Update 2023

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Congratulations to Team Generation Artemis for being selected for VEX World Championship to be held in Dallas, TX.

This is the final week of the program, join us for a party either on March 29th or March 30th. (Kids only)

Links to Parent and Student Surveys are provided. Please share your valuable input.

About next year’s program

Team Photographs, the link shared.

Congratulations – Generation Artemis

Our heartfelt congratulations to the VEX IQ Team – “Generation Artemis” for their excellent performance and hard work that has led them to qualify for the VEX World Championship in Dallas, Texas. Team 14366A placed 3rd in the California North Regional Championship. It is a remarkable achievement for these seventh-grade students. Fallon Griffin, Akash Nekkanti, and Ryan Workman currently attend Sutter Middle School.

Northern California has one of the most competitive robotics regions internationally. Of the twelve spots that qualified for VEX World Championship in Dallas, Generation Artemis will be the only team outside the Bay Area representing Northern California in the Middle School Division.

Below is a video link with their robot showcasing its skill at throwing disks into a basket.

Team Photographs

We have created a gift for the teams. It will have some pictures of their journey in the VEX program. Below is a link with the pictures. If you believe I may have missed any kids, and if you have better pictures please let me know.



Below is the link for parent’s Survey. This may take 5 minutes. We really appreciate your valuable input.


Below is the link for student’s survey. This may take 10 to 15 minutes. Please provide as much feedback as possible.


Return Trophies

Some of the teams have won trophies. We were thinking to save the trophies with your school. It feels sad to take the trophies, but unfortunately, a trophy cannot be shared with every team member. So we thought it’s better to save it at school.

Last Day

This is the last week of the program. We plan to have celebrations at two locations on following days. Please feel free to join at any one of the locations, preferably with your team.

                Folsom Middle School: March 29th from 3:45pm to 5:30pm

                Marina Village Middle School: March 30th from 2:30pm to 4:30pm

There is no class at Pleasant Grove Middle School this week. Please join us at one of the two locations above.

Keep in touch – Next year’s program.

VEX will release next year’s game in the first week of May. This year we want to start early – in June. If any teams/students are interested in participating in next year’s (2023-2024) game let us know in the survey. You can use your summer vacation, and be ready for next year’s competitions.

Facebook page

After the end of the program, we will not be sending as many emails and WhatsApp updates. If you want to stay in touch about future programs, please follow our Facebook page. We are working on more exciting programs that will be launched in the future.  Stay tuned.  Feel free to share this link with your friends and family.


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