Week 29 Update

14 Mar 2023

Week 29 Update 2023

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Congratulations to Team Stationary for qualifying for the State Championship.

The program is coming to an end, and the celebration is planned for March 29th and March 30th. 

Send team photographs, and return trophies.

Congratulations – Team Stationary

Our heartfelt congratulations to the VEX V5 Team – “Team Stationary” representing Marina Village Middle School for their excellent performance and hard work that has led them to qualify for the state championship. It is a remarkable achievement, and we are all proud of their accomplishment. Team stationary is comprised of the following team members:

     Laura Osorio
     Lucy Hinkle
     Cassandra Chen
     Anant Gupta

 Below is a video link with their robot showcasing its skill at throwing disks into a basket.

Team Photographs

Please email any team photographs you may have. We are working on a gift for the kids. Please email it to us by end of this week. We only received a few team pictures.

Return Trophies

Some of the teams have won trophies. We were thinking to save the trophies with your school. It feels sad to take the trophies, but unfortunately, a trophy cannot be shared with every team member. So we thought it’s better to save it at school.

Last Day

This class ends in the last week of March. So we have 3 more classes.

The last day of the class is celebration day. We plan to have celebrations at two locations on following days. Please feel free to join at any one of the locations, preferably with your team.

                Folsom Middle School: March 29th from 3:45pm to 5:30pm

                Marina Village Middle School: March 30th from 2:30pm to 4:30pm

Facebook page

After the end of the program, we will not be sending as many emails and WhatsApp updates. If you want to stay in touch about future programs, please follow our Facebook page. We are working on more exciting programs that will be launched in the future.  Stay tuned.  Feel free to share this link with your friends and family.