Week 5 Update

11 Oct 2022

Week 5 Update 2022

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Dear Parents

Teams are actively working on their first competition robot. This will help them to build upon it eventually. Getting the first robot itself is becoming a challenge for multiple teams. We are hoping participating in Saturday classes will give them the time and opportunity to continue to work on their robot. Below are the currently scheduled classes. Try to attend as much as possible.
Weekend Classes and dates: 
Following dates are confirmed for weekend classes: 
          October 15th  :  (Saturday)
                         Folsom Middle School : 8am to 12noon
                         Marina Village Middle School: 1pm to 5pm
          October 29th   : (Saturday)
                         Folsom Middle School : 8am to 12noon
                         Marina Village Middle School: 1pm to 5pm
          November 5th. :  (Saturday)
                         Folsom Middle School : 8am to 12noon
                         Marina Village Middle School: 1pm to 5pm
Competition Dates:
We are working on scheduling teams for competitions. We will have some teams go to competitions starting from Nov 5th. We will continue to update the table as I start signing them up. Below are some teams that are scheduled. Will continue to add other teams to competitions.
Team Name Type Team Name Competition
14294A VEX-IQ TooManyGears Davis – Dec 4th
14294B VEX-IQ Profile Davis – Dec 4th
14294C VEX-IQ Team Uzmachies  
14294D VEX-IQ Team PPenguins  
14294E VEX-IQ Team Uchihat Tech  
14294F VEX-IQ Team Elkc  
14294G VEX-IQ Team 4:1 Robotics  
14294H VEX-IQ Team Alpha  
14294J VEX-IQ Team Fireballs  
14294K VEX-IQ Team Vex Vulture Dublin – Dec 3rd
14294M VEX-IQ Team Tigers Dublin – Dec 3rd
Competition in Folsom / El Dorado Dates: 
We have worked with VEX company and are able to get approvals to hold VEX IQ in Folsom/El Dorado Hills. This would be the first time there would be VEX competitions in our area. Below are the dates we are considering, awaiting approval from schools.
                   VEX IQ Competition : Jan 7th, 2023   (Saturday)
                   VEX IQ Competition : Feb 20th, 2023  (Monday, Presidents day).
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