Week 4 Update

3 Oct 2022

Week 4 Update 2022

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Dear Parents

Kids completed building the basebot/clawbot – which is a very basic robot. They got a chance to practice building and also driving the robot. After the basebot was built they dismantled the robot and started building the robot for competition. 
This week kids were introduced to programming the robot. All the IQ kids get to program the robot in block coding. Our coach is willing to take up the challenge and introduce Python to higher grade levels. 
Folsom Visitor:
We had Ayush visit the Folsom Middle School this week to motivate the kids. He was a Folsom Middle School graduate. He was at Utah State University pursuing Mechanical Engineering. Now he is onto starting his own robotics startup. He mentioned that he was part of a VEX robotics team from 4th grade to high school.
Please watch the video at. 
Please share the video with your kids if they are at Pleasant Grove Middle or Marina Village Middle School, as he could not visit those schools.
Facebook for program photos/videos: 
Going forward we will be posting program videos and photos on Facebook. Please follow our Facebook page at:
Weekend Classes and dates: 
Following dates are confirmed for weekend classes: 
          October 15th  :  (Saturday)
                         Folsom Middle School : 8am to 12noon
                         Marina Village Middle School: 1pm to 5pm
          October 29th   : (Saturday)
                         Folsom Middle School : 8am to 12noon
                         Marina Village Middle School: 1pm to 5pm
          November 5th. :  (Saturday)
                         Folsom Middle School : 8am to 12noon
                         Marina Village Middle School: 1pm to 5pm
Competitions Dates:
We will announce the dates for competitions next week. We will have some teams go to competitions starting from Nov 5th. All the competitions will be on Saturdays. We will publish a schedule next week and teams can propose and pick a date they are available to go to a competition. 
Competition in Folsom / El Dorado Dates: 
We have worked with VEX company and are able to get approvals to hold VEX IQ in Folsom/El Dorado Hills. This would be the first time there would be VEX competitions in our area. Below are the dates we are considering, awaiting approval from schools.
                   VEX IQ Competition : Jan 7th, 2023   (Saturday)
                   VEX IQ Competition : Feb 20th, 2023  (Monday, Presidents day).
Team Registrations: 
The teams are finalized, and we have started working on team registrations for competitions. These registrations will be done with another organization, called Robotevents. Parents don’t have to do anything here. We are taking care of that. But once the registrations are done, the teams are final, we can’t change the team members.
Parents Approval Form: 
     We requested parents to fill the permit forms for kids checkin/checkout and photos sharing. Few parents have not filled the form. Please complete it if you have not done so.  
Some of you could not open the form. Attached is a pdf copy. You can fill and email it back to us.
Falkon Academy

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