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3 Oct 2022

Week2 Update 2022

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1) Week 2 Update.
This week kids had almost 5hrs of build time. They have worked both on weekdays and weekends to build their first robot. They were even able to drive their robot. We have almost finalized the teams.I will be sending a separate email with team details.  Lot of kits that I have ordered arrived this week. Its almost taking up one car garage space. Falkon is now approved to host competitions in Folsom/El Dorado. 
2) Please fill the questionnaire:  (More details at the end of this email)

3) Competition in Folsom / El Dorado Dates: 

We have worked with VEX company and are able to get approvals to hold VEX IQ in Folsom/El Dorado Hills. This would be the first time there would be VEX competitions in our area. Below are the dates we are considering, awaiting approval from schools.
                   VEX IQ Competition : Jan 7th, 2023   (Saturday)
                   VEX IQ Competition : Feb 20th, 2023  (Monday, Presidents day).
There will be other competitions for which we will have to drive. Those dates will be announced in two weeks.
4) Weekend Classes and dates: 
Following dates are confirmed for weekend classes: 
          October 15th  :  (Saturday)
                         Folsom Middle School : 8am to 12noon
                         Marina Village Middle School: 1pm to 4pm
          November 5th. :  (Saturday)
                         Folsom Middle School : 8am to 12noon
                         Marina Village Middle School: 1pm to 4pm


5) Check In/Check out of Kids:
Almost every kid is walking into the class and walking out to the parking lot when done by themselves. I can understand they are old enough to do that. But as a teacher we are concerned. Our school districts, Parks and Rec department and our insurance requires us to have a waiver signed by the parents. Above is link to the google form. Please fill it, for all our safety.
6) Photographs of the class and Social Media:
We would like to take pictures of kids working with their Robots, during design/build/testing, during competitions and also award ceremonies. This is for two folds: 1) So we can share with you those pictures – what kids have accomplished 2) Share on Facebook, and Instagram to tell other parents what robotics is all about, and what Falkon has accomplished for our community. In this regard we need you to sign a waiver.
Thank you.
Falkon Academy

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